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Nov 30, 2023 02:40:28
កូឡាជេនជំនូយសុខភាព Q-Cordplas 40g
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Item description

🔮 Q-Cordplas ( Q=Quantum Nano Technology; CORD=Cordyceps & PLAS=Placenta Salmon) ជាផលិតផលទីពីររបស់ក្រុមហ៊ុន NSZ WORLD ដែលផលិតឡើងដោយបច្ចេកវិទ្យា  Quantum Nano Technology របស់ប្រទេសស្វីសជាមួយសារធាតុសំខាន់ៗដូចជា៖

🔘 Cordyceps ជាប្រភេទផ្សិតកម្រប្រើជាឳសថបុរាណ្យរបស់ប្រទេសចិនដែលមានតម្លៃថ្លៃតាមការសិក្សាស្រាវជ្រាវ
🔘 Salmon Placenta ជាសុករបស់ត្រីសាលម៉ុង
🔘 Grape Seed គ្រាប់ផ្លែទំពាំងបាយជូ
🔘 Mixberries ល្បាយផ្លែឈើចម្រុះ

🎯 អត្ថប្រយោជន៌មានដូចជា៖
☑️ បង្កើនគ្រាប់ឈាមសនៅក្នុងខ្លួនដើម្បីការពារជម្ងឺ និងមេរោគផ្សេងៗ
☑️​ រក្សាសម្រស់ និងសុខភាពដោយកូឡាជិន
☑️ ជំងឺលើសឈាម 
☑️ បញ្ហារលាកក្រពះ ពោះវៀន
☑️​ បញ្ហាស្រវាំងភ្នែកដោយជំងឺទឹកនោមផ្អែម
☑️ ពង្រឹងសរសៃឈាមបេះដូង
☑️​ ជួយអោយស្បែកមានភាពស្រស់ថ្លា និងបំបាត់ស្នាមអុជខ្មៅ
☑️ សម្រួលជម្ងឺហឺត និងជម្ងឺរលាកសួត
☑️ ជួយសម្រួលបញ្ហាឬសដូងបាត

វិធីប្រើទី1- ពិសារម្សៅ Q-Cordplas រួចពិសារទឹកតាមក្រោយតែម្តង
វិធីប្រើទី2- លាយម្សៅ Q-Cordplas ជាមួយទឹកចំណុះចន្លោះ ១៥មីលីលីត្រ ទៅ ៣០មីលីលិត្រក្នុងមួយកញ្ចប់ ក្រឡុកអោយសព រួចពិសារ (ពេញនិយម)
វិធីប្រើទី3- ផ្សើមម្សៅ Q-Cordplas ផ្សើមជាមួយទឹកធ្វើជាម៉ាស់បិតនៅលើមុខក៏បាន

ℹ️ More Information:
+ Country: Cambodia
+ Catalog No.: KH/78672/20
+ Quantity per box:20 stick
+ Size: 2g/stick
☎️ 099 888 023 | 066 888 023  | 093 808 023
📧 [email protected]

Q-Cordplas can be consumed in 3 different ways.
+ Consume it on its own
+ Consume as a daily drinking
+ Use it as a mask

Consuming Q-Cordplas either on its own or drinking it, doesn't only provide you with a great taste.
but also contains loads of anti-oxidant fruit such as grape seed and mixed berries.

Main Ingredient:
+ Cordyceps: Comes from mushrooms, bringing a powerful immune booster benefit. It stimulates the immune system by increasing the number and boosting the activity of natural 
white blood cells to protect our body from viruses and bacteria.

+ Salmon Placenta: 18 Types of amino acids. Stimulate the cells to create CoLLAGEN and ELASTIN without adverse effects.

+ Turmeric: A rare and uncommon ingredients use inside of other health products which makes it different.
It has an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial property that keeps you from any digestive or respiratory issues.

+ Grape Seed: Grape seed helps with chronic venous insufficiency. A type of poor blood circulation and high cholesterol.
It also reduces swelling caused by injury and helps with eye disease related to diabetes.

+ Mixberries: protect our cells and may reduce the risk of some diseases. 
They are packed with vitamin C, high in fiber, a great source of vitamin K, and high in Manganese.
It also may boost brain health and help support oral health.

When using it as a mask regularly, it will not only smoothen your skin
but also it will keep it moisturized, hydrated and supple thanks to the High Sodium Hyaluronate content.
This has been known as a longevity key secret practiced by Japanese tradition all these years.

Q-Cordplas is three times better than Q-Nano X. Q-Cordplas is the best product that I have ever developed and certainly, it is the best product in the world.

Additional Information

Country: KambolCambodia(12352)
Shipping conditions: Seller pays shipping expenses, International shipping
Shipping terms:  មិនគិតថ្លៃសេវាកម្មដឹកជញ្ជូន 25 ខេត្តក្រុងុ
For International Shipping please contact Seller for more information.

Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Money Gram, Wing Bank, Acleda Bank, ABA Bank

Auction started: 24 Oct, 2023 - 20:46
Auction ends: 22 Oct, 2029 - 20:46
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